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Case Studies

Civic innovation is about building a society that works for the people. We equip organizations and individuals to set a new path for how our communities might work together toward our collective future. Read on for our recent work and  contact us  when you're ready for impact.

Littleton Public Schools

Unlocking impact potential in organizational practices and decision-making.

Closing a beloved school in an immigrant, Spanish-speaking community created tension and distrust within the school district community. To determine a new and meaningful purpose for the building, it was critical that the community was represented and reflected in the decision-making process.
Civic Innovation Lab bridged working relationships between the families and school district and facilitated community dialogue and decision-making to determine a new purpose for the school building. Through a human-centered design method, we co-designed processes with stakeholders to organize and build consensus through a series of facilitated meetings. As a result, more than 200 diverse stakeholders developed nine proposals and established new working partnerships within the school community.

Sisters of Color United for Education

Equipping organizations and groups to engage communities and generate power.

Securing a large grant required a health equity organization, SOCUE, to execute multiple deliverables in a short amount of time. It was imperative to effectively organize constituents and coordinate efforts between multiple programs across the organization.
Civic Innovation Lab equipped residents in low-income mobile home parks with strategies and tools to increase their organizing effectiveness and kickstart a multi-year strategic plan. We designed and delivered a series of tailored workshops with tools, simulations and application activities to increase civic participation and confidence. As a result, participants joined local decision-making committees and increased confidence in building community connections by establishing relationships within neighborhoods and across parks.

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